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Sounds of the Mountains 2022

"I had the pleasure of having Clint Atwater serve as emcee for a full day on Saturday, April 9th, at the 2022 Sounds of the Mountains Storytelling Festival.  Clint is an excellent emcee and struck the perfect balance of informing our audience about the tellers' backgrounds and experiences and injecting a personal touch with a little humor.  Most importantly, Clint knows how to transition from one teller to the next by listening closely to each teller and tying the different sets and tellers together to create a smooth flow from one to the next.  I intend to use Clint at our 2023 festival." 

- Alan Hoal

Cofounder and Director

Sounds of the Mountains Storytelling Festival

Camp Bethel, Virginia

Sounds of the Mountains 2022.JPG
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