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Clinton Atwater's vision is "connecting stories and people."  He combines this vision with his talents as a Distinguished Toastmaster and his more than twenty-five years of practical leadership experience.  The result?  The creation of Storytelling Connections. 

Storytelling Connections aims to enhance people's lives by entertaining audiences with stories, educating people to tell stories, and expanding storytelling traditions.  Clinton is actively working to fulfill the Storytelling Connections mission as a Storyteller, Speaker, and Producer.

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Why puzzle pieces?

The puzzle pieces symbolize how we connect through stories.  Our lives are full of stories; stories connect our lives.  Our stories are memorable when shared and celebrated. 

Clinton Atwater

Clint Atwater is an accomplished storyteller dedicated to connecting stories and people. His passion for storytelling was ignited in 2018 when he attended the Sounds of the Mountains Storytelling Festival. Since then, he has founded his own company, Storytelling Connections, and launched Let Me Tell Ya! events in 2020. With his exceptional leadership and storytelling skills, Clint successfully produced five Tellabration! events. He has been a featured teller at events, including Hoot and Holler, Better Said Than Done, Galax Stories and Strings, and Stories by the Mill Stream.

As a skilled workshop leader, Clint provides interactive story structure and visualization workshops to help others enhance their storytelling abilities. In addition to hosting live events, Clint hosts monthly Let Me Tell Ya! virtual Storytelling Guild meetings and Story Swaps, where he shares personal and family-oriented stories, folk, and fairy tales. Clint's dedication to storytelling is genuinely inspiring, and he is committed to expanding storytelling traditions. As a member of the Virginia Storytelling Alliance Board of Directors since 2019, Clint's influence on the storytelling community continues to grow. With Clint as your storyteller, you can rest assured that your audience will be entertained, educated, and inspired.

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